Born in the small village of Prospect on April 12th, Rodney Caruth aka Chemical X began his journey through life as the youngest son of his parents. Rodney was raised in a very disciplined way. It was from this upbringing that Rodney learned much of his inexhaustible work ethic.

From a very young age, music was Chemical’s passion, this passion fueled his drive to make it his job, his reason for being. Joining the staff of Hot97 in 2002 as a DJ, Chemical worked on mastering his skills and was soon dubbed “the juggling machine” as he endeavored to be the best at what he loved by creating his own style of playing.

Not limiting his abilities to just DJing he strived to rise to the top of another field and in 2004 started honing his production skills at the station under the tutelage of ScratchMaster. Production quickly morphed into a new passion which has since catapulted Chemical to the top as he is now Production Manager and Program Director at Hot97. Production is a huge field and Chemical X has chosen his babies and now specializes in commercial production, imaging, remixes and is currently getting into mixing and mastering.

Chemical X’s DJing skills can be heard live on Hot97 Monday-Thursday 3-4pm with Galanaire Avalaunche and Friday’s 3-6pm and Saturday’s 12- 4 pm with his colleague and long time friend Tha Big Dog, Pitbull repping as the X n Dog Sounds – blowing up the airwaves with all the genres that inspired their careers.

Despite being the studio junky he is Chemical X finds time to socialize with his friends and interact with his numerous fans at various hot spots around the country. He also finds time for other passions of his, which includes speed and computers. If you’re lucky you can catch a glimpse of him in his baby the MR2, driving in the country-side when there is no traffic. He uses his pro tools to stay on top of his game which is vital in his line of work.

Locally and internationally Chemical X has become a household name, playing in countries from USA to England to Canada and across the Caribbean and of course right here at home in SVG where his heart lies.

Chemical’s voice can be heard in many ads on local radio and he can be seen on television in ads for telephone giant LIME which brings us to one of his all time passions , technology. He loves to explore all the latest inventions and apps.

Living up to his descriptive name “the juggling machine” Chemical X juggles all his responsibilities expeditiously and this is why he is one of the most respected in his field.