John ‘CAPTAIN JOHN’ Rickards is a born Jamaican muscian, science student and disc jockey who, due to migration is now a resident of St. Vincent and the Grenadines – home to the #1 Radio Station Hot 97.1.  Captain John’s position as a DJ on Hot97.1 as well as Co-Founder of the respected sound system, Team Energy Overload, did not occur overnight.

Captain John entered the musical world at a young age. From age 6 he began playing classical piano. By the age of 13 he was an accomplished classical pianist having performed at several concerts throughout the Caribbean. Captain John set his eyes on Djing at the age of 11. After several years on the local DJ circuit he has been able to form a reputation of being a skilled and versatile DJ.

Captain John is now the youngest DJ on Vincentian radio always presenting a powerful, diverse performance regardless of the venue or audience along with his hype man and Co-Founder of Team Energy Overload, Colombian.

Today #TEAMENERGYOVERLOAD – is a proud resident of Hot 97.1, bringing a youthful flavor and atmosphere to the legendary radio station. The dynamics of the group @EnergyOverload mean they are destined for greatness with a Colombian born hype man, and a Jamaican born DJ; This synergy of cultures and talents brings a unique experience like no other, a vibe like no other and most important an energy like no other!
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