Snoop Dogg is reportedly being sued by three former bodyguards who claim they were sacked after complaining about their working conditions. Torrey Mitchell, Donnel Murray and Ryan Turk are seeking at least $3 million in damages and lost wages from the rapper, their supervisor, his publishing company and accountants.

According to a report by Courthouse News, a lawsuit was filed on 30 May, with the three plaintiffs claiming they were regularly exploited as they travelled across the globe as members of Snoop’s entourage. They were allegedly often forced to work “around the clock”, skipping breaks and meal times, sometimes subsisting on just three hours of sleep. Throughout this time, Snoop and his representatives are accused of neglecting to keep accurate and itemised records of the men’s wages.

As employees of Snoop and his family, Mitchell, Murray and Turk also claim to have run errands and served as chauffeurs. Their excursions apparently included trips to “recording studios, clubs, concerts, red carpet affairs”, as well as Snoop’s “separate apartment used for entertaining his many female acquaintances”. Each bodyguard was allegedly paid $25 per hour, or $300 per day on tour, with illegal or insufficient overtime bonuses.

In January of 2014, “after innumerable complaints” to Snoop about “unpaid overtime and numerous labour code violations”, the three bodyguards claim they were “summarily terminated”. Courthouse News reported that they are now asking for a jury trial.

Representatives from Snoop Dogg’s team have yet to respond to requests for comment.