Halle Berry has been ordered to cough up $16,000 a month in child support to Gabriel Aubry, the father of their 6-year old daughter Nahla Aubry.

The ruling was handed down on May 30th by Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon. Berry was also ordered to pay $300,000 for Aubrey’s lawyer fees and $115,000 retroactive child support.

The former couple currently share 50/50 joint custody of their daughter and will split health care costs. Their incomes played a major factor in the judges decision.

According to E! Online, court documents listed Berry’s 9-month gross income at $4.7 million. Aubry’s gross income totaled $192,921 for the 12 months ending October 31st, 2012.

Berry and Aubrey broke up in 2010. During a 2012 custody dispute a judge blocked the Oscar-winning actress from moving their daughter to France.