Casey Cohen is getting her legal team ready to battle Bauer Media Group. a European multimedia company that owns a 50% stake in Box Television, producing several shows. They also own In Touch Weekly.

In Touch published a story earlier this month about Jay Z cheating on Beyonce with Cohen, alleging they see each other at least twice a week.

Cohen is fighting back by denying the allegations. According to TMZ, her attorney has sent Bauer a cease-and-desist letter that decries the story as “foul and phony.” It further states that Cohen and Hov “have never been in love or intimate.”

Cohen, the former star of the reality show Princesses: Long Island admits to only meeting Jay and Beyonce several times through her job as a VIP hostess in New York City.

She is demanding Bauer remove all articles about her from the internet and issue a public apology to her, Jay Z and Beyonce.

As you can see from the picture Jay Z and Casey Cohen clearly know each other!