For anyone concerned about who would play Aaliyah in a film about her life, the girl who earned the role – 17-year-old Zendaya – says it mattered to her, too.

“I really want it to be perfect for her and show young people what she was able to do and what she accomplished,” the Disney Channel star said in an interview Tuesday, a day after Lifetime announced she would play the role of the R&B singer.

Zendaya says she’s the right choice for the part because “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

Aaliyah was killed in 2001 at age 22 when her plane crashed after takeoff from a Bahamian runway. She dominated on the R&B and pop charts, earning platinum-plus albums and racking hits with songs like “Try Again,” “Back & Forth” and “Are You That Somebody?”

Zendaya, who was the runner-up on “Dancing With the Stars” last year, says she’s aware the role comes with a lot of scrutiny.

“I can’t please everybody … what I can do is work really hard and you know, just continue to show her legacy,” she said.

The Aaliyah film is based on the book “Aaliyah: More Than A Woman” by music journalist Christopher Farley. Shooting is scheduled for this summer.

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