Azealia Banks went looking for a confrontation on Twitter and got what she asked for in the form of the “Trouble Man” himself.

Out of the blue, Banks launched an attack on T.I. and his wife Tiny over his new single, “Mediocre.”

“U want no mediocre but … Have you seen your wife?” she wrote. “The n***** shouting bad bitch this bad bitch that, is almost always at home with some busted bumpkin. rap is not real. These bleepers are all fronters. But your wife has meth face. And your wife can’t read.”

This is a continuation of a beef that started in March 2012. As we reported at the time, Banks threw shots at T.I. associate Iggy Azalea and the Grand Hustle CEO came to her defense.

Banks reminded Tip of their previous war of words and not so subtly hinted that he didn’t want to beef with her when they met face-to-face recently.

“I saw you backstage at Kanye’s show and you had nothing to say,” she continued. “I stood next to you ON PURPOSE. To see if you would say something. I’m taller than you in my heels.”