It’s been 14 years since D’Angelo released sophomore album entitled Voodoo. Since then there have been a number of rumors over the years about a new disc, but nothing ever materialized.

As fans of great music we are happy to report that the R&B superstar will finally deliver the long awaited project this year.

The singer’s manager, Kevin Liles, confirmed to Rolling Stone that not only is a new album forthcoming, there will also be an international tour launching in October.

“[I]t’s very melodic and there’s an influence of all the things he loves: there’s James Brown, there’s Prince, and everything people grew up loving D’Angelo for, from Brown Sugar to Voodoo.” Liles said about the project. “It’s a mixture and an evolution of where he is right now. And you have to think that when you have the opportunity to work 10 years on an album, that album’s truly gonna be what you want it to be. Is it limited to the kind of sound that he did with the earlier records? No, it’s not.”

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