A woman has sued the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones for more than $1 million after Jones allegedly sexually assaulted her in 2009.

Jana Weckerly, 27, said in the suit that the Cowboys owner “intentionally and knowingly sexually assaulted” by forcibly rubbing and grabbing her buttocks and breasts multiple times.

Weckerly’s lawyer, Thomas Bowers, said in a release that Weckerly is one of the women that was there the night a set of racy photos were taken. Weckerly was not pictured in the photos, which surfaced during this year’s Cowboys training camp.

Jones is also accused of forcing Weckerly to grab his penis, kissing her and penetrating her with his fingers.

Weckerly claims that Jones received oral sex from another woman and was asked by Jones to watch.

The suit also claims the Cowboys and Jones conspired to cover up the sexual assault and that Weckerly was told to keep quiet and not say anything “or else.” The suit states Jones and the Cowboys pressured her into signing documents against her will.

Weckerly’s attorney told other media outlets in a statement that the alleged sexual assault happened in a bathroom of a local five-star hotel.

He said Weckerly was sober and escaped Jones’ hotel room by convincing the group to go dancing.

He also said that Jones started out as a friendly guy who just wanted to party, even offering to put his super bowl ring on Weckerly’s finger, but that he continued making advances.

The attorney said Weckerly was humiliated, fearful and angry, and that she’s “suffered many other damages, including loss of self-esteem, loss of trust, depression, substance abuse, and suicide attempts.”

The Cowboys’ lawyer released a statement Tuesday night denying all the accusations.