Vivid Entertainment, the porn company that brought us smut films from Kim Kardashian, Tela Tequila, Paris Hilton, Montana Fishburne, Farrah Abraham and other B-list celebrities believe they have their hands on the Mona Lisa of XXX films.

TMZ reports that Vivid CEO, Steve Hirsch has seen clips from a video that he believes shows Iggy Azalea with an ex-boyfriend.

Hirsch has offered the Australian rapper a multi-million dollar deal to sign off on what he feels will be the highest grossing celebrity sex tape ever released.

The problem for him is Iggy denies that it is her in the video. Her camp says she is ready to file a lawsuit over the footage. So it looks like Hirsch may be out of luck of this one because without Iggy’s consent the tape can’t be released.

In an UPDATE to this story Iggy Azalea’s is now saying she may have been under the age of 18 when it was filmed.

After initially denying that it was her in the tape, the “Fancy” hit maker now claims an ex-boyfriend is trying to sell it out of spite, according to TMZ.

Porn giant Vivid Entertainment has offered Iggy millions to sign off on the release of the smut flick, but her lawyers told TMZ she has no intention of doing that. They claim a “spurned business suitor” (her ex-boyfriend) is trying to ruin her career. They added that it was filmed “without her knowledge or consent.”

Iggy has said in past interviews and in songs that she came to the U.S. on her own at the age of 16.