Floyd Mayweather Jr. raked in at least $32 million for his win over Marcos Maidana this past Saturday, but apparently he’s not the type to tip.

Nik Nguyen, a waitress at club Rehab at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, says the champ came in with an entourage of 150 people on Sunday. She was excited to serve the group and thought she would be rewarded financially.

The group ordered a boatload of drinks, according to TMZ. The full order included.


5 bottles of Patrone – $2,375

3 Grey Goose  – $1,425

6 bottles of Ciroc – $2,850

20 bottles of Luc Belaire Rose champagne – $11,500

1  6-liter bottle of Luc Belaire Rose – $6,500

200 chicken wings – $600

1 fruit platter – $55


Rehab management gave the entire bill complimentary totaling $25,305. Nguyen noticed the group making it rain on the club dancers, but nobody, including Jamie Foxx left her a penny.

It is common for waitresses in the US to be paid entirely through tips!

Do you think Money May simply forgot to tip or is a cheapskate? Should he go back and at least give the waitress the customary fifteen percent?