Gucci Mane was expected to to be released from prison in December 2016, after serving time for gun charges. However, three more years have been added to the 1017 Brick Squad boss’ sentence after he pleaded guilty to assaulting a fan in Fulton County Superior Court on Monday, September, 15.

The incident occurred at Harlem Nights club in Atlanta on March 16, 2013, when 32-year-old soldier James Leonard Lettley asked Gucci to take a photo with him. The rapper responded by striking him in the head with a champagne bottle.

“I’m in the military. I wanted to get a picture with Gucci Mane, is it OK?” James asked a security guard. “I was speaking to the security guard, and Gucci Mane hit me in the head with a bottle. And as I looked at him in the shock of why, one of his friends hit me in the side of my face.”.

“Rather than accommodating the admiring fan, Davis, for no explicable reason, instead, hit the victim over the head with a vodka bottle and then hurriedly left the club,” District Attorney Paul Howard said in a statement. “The victim sustained a deep laceration to his forehead which required ten stitches.”

The three year sentence was handed down by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Tom Campbell, according to The Atlanta Constitution Journal.