While in the middle of a sex tape controversy involving her ex-boyfriend Hefe Wine, “Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea has filed a lawsuit against him. The complaint is not about the alleged sexual footage Wine wants to sell. Iggy claims her former lover/producer stole music off her computer.

According to TMZ, Iggy says Wine unlawfully downloaded material from her laptop in 2009 when the two were living together in Atlanta. Wine had threatened to release an EP of Iggy’s previously recorded tracks that he states would “shock the world.”

Iggy is suing Wine to prevent the EP from coming out on the grounds the project was created from the music stolen from her computer. Iggy also refutes she signed a contract with Wine that gave him permission to release her work. She calls the document a forgery.

The Island Records artist has also threatened to sue the porn company Vivid Entertainment over attempting to purchase and distribute her apparent sex tape with Wine. According to reports, Wine is still planning to release the footage.