Rick Ross apparently had some issues with where he’s been placed on Forbes annual Hip Hop Cash Kings List. In five years, the Maybach Music Group leader has never cracked the top ten of the magazine’s highest earning rappers in the game.

Rozay spoke with Forbes’ Zack O’Malley Greenburg to offer his thoughts on the coveted list.

“I’m always top five. That’s in my mind,” Ross said. “The beauty of the Forbes list is that it excites the streets. It gives people an idea of what’s going on financially. It inspires the youngsters.”

When Greenburg asked the Miami native for more information about his concert appearances that would support his claim he should be among Diddy, Jay Z, and Dr. Dre at the top of the Cash Kings List, Ross replied, “I’m just giving you my guess. I don’t got no facts.”

Ross adds he feels fortunate to be “associated with success” and a brand such as Forbes. The Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List 2014 will be revealed next week.