They’ve been dogged by rumours that their marriage is in trouble and even had to endure silly whispers that she didn’t actually give birth to their daughter Blue Ivy.
But Beyonce and Jay-Z attempted to silence the naysayers as they shared intimate footage of their vintage home videos on the final night of the duo’s “On the Run” Tour.

The six minute clip, compiled from their personal archives appears in the background during the concert as the power couple took turns singing their hits Young Forever and Halo.
The clip contained footage of the couple enjoying themselves on various vacations, riding on yachts and sipping champagne.
Never before seen footage of their 2008 wedding day – including the young bride in her stunning gown – is intermixed with footage of the couple getting matching tattoos etched onto their fingers and celebrating other milestones together.

The clip continues with a closeup on Beyonce’s pregnant belly and reveals the singer to be standing naked as Jay wraps his arms around her.

There’s even hospital footage of the former Destiny’s Child member holding her newborn daughter just moments after giving birth.
Little Blue Ivy has a starring role as we see the couple doting on her every whim as she crawls, takes her first steps and blows out her birthday candles.

With the heartwarming video playing in the background, the two talented stars never take their eyes off each other seemingly drowning out the thousands of fans gathered in the stadium.
Beyonce wears a body hugging black leotard that has a long black and white striped train of fabric tied at her waist and blows dramatically in the wind.
At times the 33-year-old even touches her stomach which only seems to fuel rumours that she’s pregnant with their second child.

Adding to the speculation, during the concert Jay-Z changed a lyric from his song Beach Is Better from ‘I replace it with another one’ to ‘Cause she pregnant with another one.’
While neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z have released an official statement regarding any pending births, time will tell if she is in fact pregnant.
The duo just wrapped up their 21 night On The Run Tour with two sold out Paris shows at the Stade de France which were taped as part of an HBO special presentation that aired on Saturday.