Kanye West recently spoke with students at L.A. Trade Technical College as part of his mandatory community service hours. The question many wanted to know: So what exactly did the Yeezus creator share with the class?

Complex magazine caught up with Los Angeles resident Andre Pitts who was present during Ye’s lecture. The 19-year-old visual communications major says Kanye’s appearance was a complete surprise.

“None of the students knew that he was going to show up,” said Pitts. “We were asked if some students wanted to help other students with their work after class, so I agreed to try to help other students with their work.”

Pitts clarifies that the “New Slaves” rapper did not actually teach a course. Kanye shared his experiences in music and fashion. He apparently talked for two hours and took questions as well.

“He talked about Tupac. He was watching the movie Juice, and he was inspired by Tupac being in the movie. He talked about how Ice Cube is one of his biggest inspirations and one of his biggest let-downs,” revealed Pitts. “He talked a little bit about Steve Jobs. He mentioned a little bit about how the media portrays him negatively, but he’s saying that he’s not anything negative, it’s just him being real and calling out bs all the time.”

Pitts also states Kanye talked about the true meaning of success, his grandfather, liking his own music, the Grammys, and the Illuminati.