Gunmen and fans of guns stand around! Private armies and random bands of soldiers; Strike Force Paintball Arena will be launching into your space this Sunday!

With their very first event, Operation Wipeout – Celebrity Tournament, Founder and organizers Cauldric Fraser and Lester Iroha plan to storm and capture the daytime entertainment arena in SVG.

The event will be hosted at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex for the very first month after which it will transported around SVG to be hosted in different communities.

Boasting a variety of firearms ranging from the automatic rifle to the the bolt action sniper rifle along with red dots accessories, four grips and large capacity magazines (box magazines), Strike Force promises its patrons an exhilarating, heart pumping, intense, adrenalin-filled experience.

At $50 per head, which comes with 100 rounds (5 magazines), patrons can shoot and maneuver their way through a proper obstacle course of tires, fuel drums, pallets, cable rollers and more for 2 hours.
Cauldric describes it as the “Closest thing to reality without the consequences”

The first event has already been sold out and will begin at 1:00 PM this Sunday (admission free).The Arnos Vale Sporting Complex will be transformed into a battlefield where the armed forces of the Street Tuners Auto Club, LIME 4g Assassins, Team Small Meech, Candyman & the Justice League along with other militia will combat their way to a championship title.

Strike Force Paintball Arena has also establishing itself as a green, environment-friendly event as the paintballs are biodegradable and only water soluble paints are used.