The dread and terrible artiste, Chronixx, fired shots at the government of Jamaica, the minister of Youth & culture, Lisa Hana in particular, for not creating a suitable venue for live music in Jamaica.

Chronixx tweeted, “I’m laughing at this dumb government who have never erected a live music venue in honor of reggae music even though it is the only reason why people visiting this beautiful island of bankruptcy… I’m laughing because I know something that they don’t know. Miss Hanna and Mr… I can never remember his name. I think it’s time we sit and listen what artistes have learnt from the rest of the world.”

Lisa Hanna showed that she had zero tolerance for such accusations in her response to Chronixx. “I love your music and your passion. However, I want to remind, that both yourself and other artistes are benefitting today from the trade agreements now in place for cultural and creative services. Just a month ago I concluded a meeting on foreign trade for cultural and creative services as many of our cultural goods have zero tariffs for international trade. What we need is more young people to get involved in the business of culture. I have been putting the resources to train our young people. Over 9,000 this year. I have personally called you and left messages on your phone and never got a response. Because I would like to hear you ideas that can be implemented. Stop blaming and lumping politicians together. It’s unfair and untrue. Blessed love.”

The lack of a world class venue has been an issue Jamaican musician complained about for years. Big events are usually held at Jarret Park and Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, while international acts, such as the recently held Arthur Guinness concert, are hosted in the National Arena in Kingston. The National Arena is considered the premier live show venue.