The usually, vibrant and energetic soca superstar Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle is currently turned down a few notches and is on bed rest.

On Friday Doyle journeyed to Barbados to prepare for the Arthur Guinness Concert to be held there on Saturday. This after his huge performance at the Arthur Guinness concert in the National Arena, Jamaica.

Unfortunately, on Saturday, Doyle had to cancel as he was hospitalized and declared unfit to perform.

According to Doyle, he began experiencing bad chest pains on Saturday evening, which was followed by violent vomiting half an hour later. He was taken to the Sandy Cresent hospital where he collapsed in the parking lot.

After his admittance into the hospital, Doyle was treated for Gastroenteritis. He was then placed on drips but had a bad reaction to the Boralgin in the IV resulting in a skin reaction (seen on his neck in 1st photo). He was kept in the hospital and returned to SVG on Sunday. However, after returning home, he began experiencing flu-like symptoms which included with a temperature of 103 degrees.

Doyle believes that his ailment is a combination of Gastroenteritis and the Chikungunya virus.

Despite the restrictions of his illness, Doyle remains in the best of spirits and wants his fans to know that he is a trooper and will be charged up and feeling fabulous soon.

He is currently at home on medication, resting and recuperating.

See photo’s of Skinny Fabulous backstage at the Arthur Guinness Concert in Jamaica below:
Arthur Show 1
Arthur Show 2
Arthur Show 3