Operation Wipeout – Celebrity Tournament, Strike Force Paintball Arena’s debut has been deemed a success!

According to one of the organisers, Lester Iroha, the feedback on the event from participating teams, sponsors and spectators was very positive.

The day’s activities saw 6 teams competing in 3 full games. Three of the teams were unable to show up in full and as a result had to be combined as one team, Hypa-LIME-Stump-I.

The Hypa-LIME-Stump-I team battled Team Small Meech resulting in a draw, 1 each.
3rd Element Shooters slayed Candy Man’s Justice League team, which included Royal, Madskull and Skarpyon.
Bridge Lyme were conquered by Street Tuners Auto Club in a very close 2nd round. The 1st round was a draw.

The Strike Force Paintball Arena will be moved to Calliaqua for the month of October and will be open on both Saturday and Sunday.