Law & Order: SVU is known for taking real news headlines and turning them into story lines. The NBC program famously did an episode inspired by the Chris Brown-Rihanna relationship in 2013, and SVU’s new season includes a show about an elevator footage scandal similar to the Jay Z/Solange and Ray Rice incidents.

In tonight’s episode, titled American Disgrace, a famous basketball star is accused of raping one of his employees. A physical altercation takes place in an elevator, but there is only visual of the incident. Of course, the tape gets leaked and a national discussion about the ordeal takes place.

Huffington Post reports about the episode:

SVU takes on the Ray Rice elevator assault and the Jay Z and Solange elevator fight in the latest episode to show just how ambiguous scandals can be when there’s no audio and only raw camera footage.

“I loved the idea of just a silent black and white scene, then sound goes out,” said producer Warren Leight. “You kinda wanna know what’s going on.”

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