Former legendary NFL player Warren Sapp recently made a stop by the Sway In The Morning Show to pay a visit while in New York City for 29th annual Great Sports Legends Dinner where he’d be honored.

During the interview, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers star got real candid about Rick Ross. When asked if the story involving him and the rapper making a $100,000 bet over the Super Bowl was true, he quickly replied, “Now, how many times have you known Ross to lie?”

He went on to allude that Rozay lied numerous times throughout his career, including his failure to mention that he was a corrections officer prior to picking up the mic. “Ross messing with how I feed my family,” said Sapp. “I can’t be associated with known gamblers. I’m sitting on the stage with him cause I’m hosting a party and he’s coming through. So he’s yelling at me ‘Yo Sapp, I got some dudes over in Brooklyn. I’m gonna hit ‘em for $100 grand on Settle.’ I’m like ‘don’t bet that Ross. Don’t bet that.’”

Sapp claims that from there Rozay “conjured up a lie” that they made a bet. In fact, he said he doesn’t even gamble.

Back in 2012, the NFL star lost nearly everything, including two Super Bowl Championship rings. Since then he has been working hard to clear his name and reclaim his legacy.