The America’s Got Talent star was seen sporting a rather large, new inking over his ex-wife’s name

Nick Cannon appears to have made fast moves to remove traces of his ex-wife Mariah Carey, and has been spotted sporting a MASSIVE tattoo where her name once was inked.

The America’s Got Talent star was caught topless on Thursday night in Hollywood, where his new inking was unveiled.

Nick, 33, once displayed an almighty tattoo of Mariah’s name across his shoulder blades as a sign of love for his wife of six years.

He first had the tattoo done as a wedding gift to the Dreamlover singer back in 2008.

But now all traces seem to have been removed – signaling there’s no going back.

Nick was out for an early birthday celebration at Playhouse on Thursday, and he took a spin on the decks.

A few videos of the newly single star have surfaced on Instagram, showing Nick sporting a huge crucifix that has been put over the original tattoo.

Last month, Nick Cannon broke his silence over his split – saying that he felt “great”.

Nick and Butterfly singer Mariah, 44, hinted that their marriage had ended when Cannon appeared in public without a wedding ring.

Earlier this month it was confirmed they were seeking a divorce. They are parents to three-year-old twins Monroe and Morrocco.