“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro finally busted out the Carlton on “Dancing With the Stars”

It’s the Most Memorable Year week on “DWTS,” which for Alfonso is when he began “Fresh Prince,” because it catapulted him into the spotlight — though it was a double-edged sword, because it also kept people from wanting to cast him for years. However, Alfonso looks back on the show fondly and so to celebrate it and the fans, he did a jazz dance with partner Witney Carson to “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones and incorporated an amazing Carlton moment.

But in addition to the Carlton goodness, the whole dance was awesome. Alfonso is a talented dancer and Broadway jazz is right in his wheelhouse.

“I’m so glad that you made us wait for the Carlton,” says Julianne Hough. “Not only did you separate yourself from Carlton tonight … but I think this show and what you’re doing each week, people are going to remember Alfonso.”

The judges and America all gave Alfonso and Witney 10s for a 40 total score, the only perfect score of the night. Below, watch Alfonso and Witney rehearse “The Carlton.”