Trinidadian singer/song writer Flipo must have had the most underrated song of the season with “Doh Tell Meh Dat”, a feel good anthem that just seemed to miss the bus. However, after the culmination of Trinidad carnival, the song quickly became popular and has now gotten a second wind with an explosive remix from Major Lazer.

In an interview with Hot97SVG, Walshy Fire of Major Lazer explained how the project came to fruition .Walshy stated that he first obtained contact with Flipo through Bunji Garlin, who spoke highly of the young soca artiste. After reaching out to him, Walshy received dub plates of Flipo’s 2014 soca track along with a reggae track, and forwarded them on to Diplo. Diplo fell in love with the soca track and suggested a remix, which he began, then turned over to Jr Blender, a Major Lazer producer. Best known for his reggae spin on the songs of popular artistes such as Bruno Mars and Rihanna, Jr Blender engineered the Trinidadian groovy soca song into an international EDM banger.

Major Lazer has now coupled their remixed version of the song with a video. One that consists of various footage that highlights the tangible frenzy and excitement experienced at their live stage shows. According to Flipo, the video is already quite popular in Trinidad and Tobago and will be pushed during Miami carnival as well as Trinidad Carnival.

Flipo humbly revealed that working with a widely acclaimed, international project such as Major Lazer has opened many doors for him and he is very appreciative and grateful for such an opportunity.

As for Trinidad carnival 2015, Flipo is already in gear with 3 songs; ‘Last Man Standing’ a self produced song of which he has a video coming soon, ‘Sweat’ a track produced by Precision Productions and ‘Her Love’ from Advokit Productions.

Twitter: @MajorLazer / @Flipo1