As we reported on Monday, Konshens got hit in his face with a bottle during a recent brawl. It has now been revealed the perpetrator was a producer called K Swizz.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday morning at Mojito Mondays at Southdale Plaza near Half-Way Tree, St Andrew.

An eyewitness said that Konshens and K Swizz had a heated argument about a song just before the brawl. The source says Konshens was hit in the face with a bottle and had to be taken to the hospital.

Konshens posted a photo of his injury on Facebook and joked about the incident. The Subkonshus deejay says there will be no retaliation.

Hear what Konshens said:

“New look?? Or nah?? Lol. For all my worried ppl and well wishers dont worry im cool. Took a wild bottle to the face tho. The kid thought he was in danger so him jus swing and run… He wasnt tho, dat anno SUB style. But i prob woulda done the same thing too. THERE WILL BE NO RETALIATION AT ALL FULLSTOP. SUB is about progress and sharing this food up. No petty violence. To the websites and konz haters that been saying i got hit in head with pipe and mobbed and rushed to hospital in critical condition tryina make ppl ketch heart attack and trying to make it look like artiste vs producer mortal kombat lol. Heres a pic you can use to help spread your version. Real ppl, the kid did not attack me, he just panicked and overreacted but ultimately defended himself. I actually went to pull people off him after so no bad blood at all.”