Michael Jackson’s son could be the next great boxing prodigy. Why you may ask, simple because Floyd Mayweather says he is going to PERSONALLY train Prince Jackson … now that he’s apparently joined The Money Team.

Floyd was PUMPED when he saw the pics of Prince rolling around Calabasas this weekend in a truck covered in “The Money Team” decals and yesterday, Mayweather told us he can’t wait to train the kid.

“I haven’t worked with him yet, but I look forward to working with him when I get back to Las Vegas,” Mayweather told TMZ Sports.

But Prince’s uncle Jermaine Jackson says all is not as it appears … telling TMZ Sports his nephew is NOT an official TMT member and only got into the TMT vehicle because he likes big trucks.

Doesn’t seem to matter to Floyd … at this point, seems Prince is officially in the crew … whether Jermaine likes it or not.