We have previously reported that hip hop/rap artist, Prezzy Gambino and producer, Kubiyashi, will be releasing a mixtape soon.

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Well, the day is now! You’re Welcome Vol.1 is now available on Prezzy Gambino’s soundcloud.

Speaking about this accomplishment, Prez says, “It’s a gift to my fans. It’s me opening up and making them a part of my family. It’s almost as if we’re sitting around a camp fire and I’m sharing a major piece of myself to them in all truth and honesty because I LOVE them and I owe everything to them”

After indulging in Prez’s lyrical testimony, we’re sure you’ll all be saying THANK YOU to those who made it possible.

And… Well… You’re Welcome!

P.S. Track 6 just might be our favorite!

Twitter: @Kubiyashi / @Prez784