17 year old Kylie Jenner and 24 year old Tyga have been photographed hanging out together in cozy situations, having dinner together, and holding hands. There have been many speculations on whether they’re dating or just close friends. Lil Wayne, however, is not at all pleased with Kylie and Tyga’s close friendship and is of the opinion that Tyga’s behavior is “disgraceful” and as a result is refusing to release some of the rapper’s new music.

According to a popular entertainment news site, Lil Wayne isn’t pleased with the idea of Tyga and Kylie’s closeness because his eldest daughter, Reginae, is the same age as Kylie and he thinks that it’s a bad example for her as she is also involved in the music industry and surrounded by rappers.

Apparently, Tyga has recorded music with Kylie, hoping to make her a star but Lil Wayne refuses to release any music that they’ve done together despite Tyga’s denial that he’s not dating Kylie. The situation has caused such a rift between the two that Tyga is now trying to leave the Young Money label.