We have previously reported on the expected release of the Town Thing Riddim, by Vincy producers, Stadic Productions and Wetty Beatz (see story here).

Well the riddim is finally ready for your listening pleasure!

On Saturday, producer, Kevin Charles of Stadic Productions made the riddim available for preview on soundcloud; however, today is the official release.

The riddim was composed in a way that would give it wings to reach beyond the Caribbean, carrying with it the essence of the Caribbean. The name “Town Thing Riddim” was inspired by an acquaintance of Kevin; Kimmi Potts, who also attends UWI St. Augustine and carries “Town Thing” as her campus name. Kevin describes Kimmi as “So energetic and full of vibes”. He stated that she exudes so much energy that when she walks into  room she lights it up and he wants his riddim to have the same effect on its listeners; a constant high. Kimmy is poster girl for the artwork and marketing of the riddim.

Kevin also revealed that the cast was carefully picked as they wanted artistes who would reflect the true nature of the project while, at the same time, provide a variety of vibes based on their own individual styles and according to him, “People who are really out there flying the flag for their country”

Busy Signal was the first artiste on the riddim. He first heard the riddim from Kevin’s phone and began free styling instantly. He was feeling the riddim so much that later that very night at another studio, he recorded his vocals for the track, much to Kevin’s surprise. Kevin stated that Busy Signal’s instant gravitation towards the riddim indicated to him that he was really on to something.

After Busy, Bunji Garlin came on to the riddim, followed by Skinny Fabulous, then Mr. killa, who demonstrated Caribbean unity by inviting Spice to share in the experience on his track.

Kevin stated that as with all their projects, this one was not all focused on big names but also included new promising talent. Sekon Sta and Saga Boyz were added to the cast new artistes who Kevin commends as prolific writers.

Even though the riddim is pushed as soca, Kevin is of the opinion that it cannot be labeled as the elements of dancehall and dance are equally compelling.

Kevin extends thanks to Ashwin Seegobin of Smash and Adrian Bailey who did engineering work on the project and also to Kubiyash who was responsible for the final mixing and mastering of the project.