Ruel Ward, Chief Operations Officer of Pyramid Entertainment Management – a Barbadian company that manages some of the Caribbean top soca artistes such as Peter Ram, Lil Rick, Biggie Irie and St. Vincent’s own; Skinny Fabulous – received a suspended sentence on his fraud charges last Friday. This according to

In 2005, Ward, his brother Algernon Ward and their brother-in-law, Michael Pooler confessed to defrauding $4 million dollars from the Sagicor Insurance Company where they used fake identities and those of real individuals to scam money from the company. The company launched an investigation after noticing an unusually high average cost per claim at Barbados Hardware Insurance Ltd.

According to nationnews, a Barbadian news site; “Pooler and Ruel Ward had confessed to conspiring to defraud Barbados Hardware Insurance Ltd, a then subsidiary of Sagicor, of sums of money totalling $2 560 070 by way of a number of CIBC Caribbean cheques, between February 1, 1995 and May 31, 2004. One and half million dollars had been repaid. Algernon Ward had pleaded guilty to stealing $4 623.05, the property of CIBC Caribbean.”

The matter, which has been in court periodically since then, was revisited on Friday at the No 5 Supreme Court in Barbados, where both Ward and Pooler got their sentences suspended. The trio now has to avoid any kind of run-ins with the law for the next two years or their substantive sentences, which range from one year to three years in prison, will be activated.

Strange enough, all the online links concerning the matter dating back to 2006, now has no mention whatsoever of the scam, the Wards or their brother-in-law, Pooler.