54 year old Jacqueline Annette Martin, a native of SVG and resident of Lauderhill, Broward County, Florida died last Sunday during the Miami Broward One Carnival parade in what CBS Miami is calling a freak accident.

Martin, who was a masquerader from the Mascots International Mas Band, was moving along with the band towards the main stage when the accident occurred. According to investigators, a truck with a trailer attached stopped to allow masqueraders to dance and perform for the judges.
Martin’s cell phone dropped and rolled under the metal trailer. She went between the truck and trailer to retrieve her phone when the truck, driven by Karel Bidopia of Pembroke Pines, started moving again. Martin was then struck by the trailer.
She was transported to Kendall Regional Trauma Center where she passed away.

Miami Broward One Carnival released this statement:
“Today, on our 30th anniversary celebration, we unfortunately experienced our first injury of a masquerader that resulted in a casualty from an accident during the Parade’s approach to the main stage. It is our understanding that the accident involved a middle aged female masquerader from the mas band, Mascots International, and one of the vehicles providing refreshments to the masquerades. She was treated on the scene and later transported to Kendall Regional Medical Center where she later died from her injuries. At this time, Miami -Dade Police Department is completing the investigation of the accident. We extend our condolences to her family and members of Mascots International.”