Christina Aguilera was replaced by Gwen Stefani after she took this season off to fulfill her motherly role to new born daughter Summer Rain Rutler who was born in August. She is now ready to reclaim her seat in season eight of the reality show.

“We are excited to welcome Christina back to her red chair and can’t wait to see how she mixes things up among Adam, Blake and Pharrell, in what will be an incredibly competitive competition,” Paul Telegdy of NBC Entertainment said in a statement. “These four talented artists are at the top of their game as musicians and as coaches. The mentoring is sure to be intense and the stakes will be high.”

Although Gwen Stefani has to give back her borrowed seat, both she and Shakira who was also a previous judge, may be a part of upcoming seasons of the show.

So far, Christina is the only person whose team has never been victorious.