When it comes to family business all Dogg’s stick together. After getting wind of his cousin Snoop Dogg’s disagreement with Iggy Azalea, Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound decided to fire off a few shots of his own at the Australian rapper.

“B**** needs to stay in her place before we get Nicki Minaj, the real rapper, on her a**!” he told TMZ.

Daz says his cousin “doesn’t give a f***” about Iggy because she’s not on his level. He also accused the “Fancy.” hit maker of stretching the truth

As we previously reported, Iggy responded on Twitter Monday, October 13, to an Instagram photo Snoop posted making fun of the way she looks without makeup.

Iggy said she was always nice to The Doggfather and that her bodyguard even saved the life of one of Snoop’s friends.

According to Daz, the entire story about the fire truck is a complete lie because he’s the one that kicked the door down after Iggy and her people had already left.

To top off today’s fireworks Snoop just posted another photo mocking Iggy.

Iggy Azalea has once again taken to Twitter in response to the drama going on between her and Snoop. She says the original photo bothered her because Snoop doesn’t act that way when in her presence