After being tricked by her parents into flying from NYC to LA last week under the guise of a meeting with them on Friday, October 10th, Amanda Bynes was taken to a mental hospital by her driver. A 5150 psychiatric hold was placed on her, allowing doctors to keep her against her will for 72 hours.

The stay was later extended to 14 days and could end up being a lot longer if her doctors get their wish.

TMZ reports that doctors are planning to ask a judge for an LPS Hold, which would allow them to keep the actress in a mental ward and medicated for up to a year

A court will grant an LPS Hold only if someone exhibits “behaviors that lead you to believe that a person is a danger to self, danger to others, and/or gravely disabled due to a mental disorder.”

A previous LPS Hold for Amanda was granted last year. It recently expired. During her last stay in a hospital she was diagnosed as schizophrenic and bi-polar.

This latest stay in a treatment facility comes after the former Nickelodeon star was accused of shoplifting at two separate New York City stores, acting strangely in public and accused her father via Twitter of sexually molesting her. A claim she later retracted, only to blame her outburst on a microchip she says her father allowed to be implanted in her brain.

Amanda’s parents are seeking a conservatorship, giving them the legal right to manage their daughter’s financial affairs and daily life due to her mental limitations.

Dealing with Amanda may become a major problem now that she hates them for deceiving her.