Keyshia Cole allegedly attacked Cash Money Records employee Sabrina Mercadel last month and now she may have to cough up some cash for it.

As we previously reported, Cole was arrested at her boyfriend Birdman’s West Los Angeles condo on Friday, September 19th, and was charged with battery. The singer had stopped by Stunna’s crib at 5 a.m. that morning and reportedly attacked Sabrina when she saw her coming out of a bathroom.

Sabrina, who has worked for Cash Money for over a decade, says nothing is going on between her and her boss. Other people were at the condo at the time, but Cole singled her out in a jealous rage.

According to TMZ, Sabrina has filed a lawsuit against Cole, claiming she was scratched, punched in the face, suffered damage to her neck and back plus an injury to one of her fingers that may that may render it useless forever.

Sabrina has asked for and received a restraining order against Cole, which prohibits any contact. Cole must stay at least 100 yards away from the victim.