R&B singer Faith Evans became a chess piece in the feud between The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur. As the wife of Biggie, 2Pac used her to take shots at his rival. Pac also recorded a song with Faith, and the former Bad Boy artist now says she regrets ever working with the man who was beefing with her husband.

“I wouldn’t have done it had I known he had anything to do with Death Row,” said Evans. “Actually when I got to the studio I realized he’s on Death Row, because I saw all these Death Row people. I was just going to do this hook and get my $20,000.”

Evans was then asked if she felt Pac used her as a pawn. She replied, “Absolutely, cause I didn’t know him. I didn’t know him before that. All I knew of him was what Big said. Big thought they were cool, and he was sort of confused like ‘What’s going on? I didn’t know we had beef.’”