Shonda Rhimes has once again found herself at the brunt of public criticism for the controversial storylines and characters on her award-winning television shows.

Over the weekend, Shonda engaged in brief discussions with fans on twitter on a recent episode of her new drama series “How To Get Away With Murder.” which featured a gay sex scene. One fan was of the opinion that the gay scene was too much and Shonda was quick to shut it down.

Rhimes previously has declared her commitment to portraying LGBT characters on her shows and received a Golden Gate Award from GLAAD in 2012 for being a “media professional who has made a significant difference in promoting LGBT equality.”

“I think that love is universal,” Rhimes said in her GLAAD acceptance speech. “And I think in telling LGBT stories, I’m telling everyone’s story. Love is, in fact, universal, right? … I want my daughters to grow up in a world in which there is more love than hate. I want them to know a world where everyone is free. So that’s why I write the stories that I do, because everyone should be free.”