Tamar “Fire Pashon” Minott, daughter of dancehall’s grandfather Sugar Minott and mother of two of Peeta Morgan children, posted an open letter on Facebook inquiring about his whereabouts.

In the letter, Tamar claimed that Peetah Morgan has not seen or supported his daughters in EIGHT YEARS and she is not tolerating his absence and lack of support any longer. The letter was accompanied by the photo of Peetah with his two daughters.

This is what the letter said:
“Anyone who know the whereabouts of this man,please remind him that he has two beautiful daughters, Destiny and Journey.Tell him that they still exist! Here is a picture of the last time they saw and spoke to him 8yrs ago.
This has gone on long enough! I honestly think 8yrs is a long time for a parent not to see and support their children.Not knowing how they have been surviving. Its a shame!
Please tell him that these beautiful girls have needs and wants too.They attend school,like any other child.They have school fee to be paid too!They wear clothing and shoes too,they need books and uniforms too,and most of all, they need food to survive each day!!!
Not because a mother can balance herself and support her children,means that,the father should just walk around with a big smile for 8 yrs not knowing how HIS beautiful/smart/talented/well mannered children survive.This is not just about MONEY!I know what it is to have a great father in my life.A father who gave me the greatest gift,which was love.
Mi know seh some people aggo bex,but I care zero!I’ve been silent all these years,and I felt like doing this today.So please forgive me if I offend any of you.My apologies.WhoFeelsItKnowsIt”
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