Major producers of SVG gathered at Murrays Heights Hotel last Friday, in a discussion that ultimately led to the establishment of an association that will fundamentally change the future of music production in SVG.

Yesterday, the new Professional Music Producers (PMP) association held its very first meeting to elect the association’s executive and discuss the future of the association. According to the results of the election, PMP’s executive is as follows:
President – Mark Cyrus
Vice president – Alex Barnwell
Treasurer – Lester Iroha
P.R.O. – Rohan Bullock
Secretary – Leighton Adams

Other members of the association include Kenneth “Vibrating Skakes” Alleyne, foreign based liason Kevin “Shady” Sardine and Travis “Whiz Skid” Lynch.

The PMP association was established, not only to represent the interests of the producers as a unit but also to build each individual producer and ultimately improve the music created in SVG.

The PMP aims to establish a quality standard amongst producers, provide training where necessary, create networking, act as a lobbying body and provide resources for its members.It will also be working closely with the Association of Music Professionals (AMP) and the Vincential Association of Artistes, Writers and Producers (VAAWP), ECCO and other associations.

They can be contacted at or email