Yesterday, Spanky Hayes from Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘n Out” comedy skit show said some things in an interview with Hood Box Office that insinuated that Tyrese Gibson engaged in homosexual activity to score his role in “Baby Boy”

“I’m not gonna say the movie but I will say this. I had an audition. It was 30 stars there. It was so many stars there I thought to myself ‘I don’t f*** belong there’. So, rewind, forward. Three weeks later, it’s me and another person. We’re the best two people that’s there. He gets up he reads. Then I get up, I’m reading and shock myself. We both sit down. [That’s when the producer asks]: He said, “I f**** love both of you guys. Both of you guys are talented but which one of you guys are going to [explicit language]. Listen, I bust out laughing because a [explicit language] never talked to me like that before. I’m like what? And what f****d me up was the other dude, who I ain’t gone say they name, he wasn’t laughing. And to keep it real, he got the lead role – Baby Boy.”

Spanky also hinted that Jamie Foxx once hit on him:

“I have been hit on my someone before but I won’t say their name, Willy Beamen.”

See Spanky Hayes interview here: