Basketball superstar Blake Griffin is being investigating by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for an alleged assault at Tao nightclub in the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino, according to TMZ.

A man named Daniel filed a battery report about the incident that happened on Sunday, October 19.

According to Daniel, he was trying to take a photo of the crowd when Griffin became angry about the flash of the camera. The Los Angeles Clippers forward reportedly “grabbed my phone with one hand.” the victim told club security.

The 6′ 10″ 251 pound player tried to take the phone but Daniel wouldn’t let him because his credit card and I.D. were attached to it. Blake then grabbed him by the neck and told him to let go of the phone “or else.”

After releasing the phone Daniel says he asked for it back and Blake once again grabbed him by the throat. Security intervened and Blake told them to get Daniel “the f*** out of this club,” before slapping him in the face.

Cops are looking into the allegations.