Rachel Price is showing that she can back her mouth and is not afraid of or intimidated by the president of Trinidad & Tobago, Anthony Carmona.

After being served with a pre-action protocol letter from the president, instructing her to cease and desist from discussing his wife’s attire, Price took to Twitter indicating in a tweet that she is ready to go to court with Carmona. Her Twitter timeline was also lit with retweets of Trinidadians who were either showing their support for her or their disgust on the president’s choice of action.
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According to TrinidadExpress; Price also made reference to Reema Carmona in a radio advertisement for her show.
In the ad, a male voice asks: “Price, whey is dat yuh have on dey?”
Price responds: “Is a priceless outfit.”
Male voice: “Priceless outfit? That is very inappropriate.”
Price: “You could talk to me about inappropriate? Why yuh doh go and talk to Carmona wife? I on radio, nobody seeing my belly, you know.”
Price, speaking on her morning programme on RED 96.7 FM yesterday, was undaunted and defiant as she spoke on the matter.
“Mrs Reema Carmona, I afraid of yuh pre-action? … Let me let all yuh know in Trinidad and Tobago, I will fight to the death to disagree with you. This is a democracy! I don’t live in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Idi Amin’s Uganda…This is a democracy and if I can’t talk about the President’s wife belly that was in meh eye, then something very wrong….Yuh damn right, I doh know meh place. But I know meh citizenship. I mightn’t know meh place but yuh know meh home. This is Trinidad and Tobago. Carmona, send yuh letter and when you coming, come strong. Come hard. Come at me like a convict that now come out.”