It was reported in Trinidad media a few days ago, that a patient at the Eric EIlliams Medical Science Complex in Trinidad was exhibiting symptoms of Ebola, causing high alarm and evacuation of staff.

The patient, a Nigerian Doctor, Dr Oluwezi Nanziea, entered Trinidad just about a month ago and had been working at the science complex. Investigations showed that he did not enter the country with a passport.

It was also reported that Dr Nanziea situation is grave, as he is bleeding profusely through his eyes, ears and anal cavity but he is receiving treatment.

However, hairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Dr. Shahnaz Mohammed says there is no need to panic. Dr Mohammed claimed that Ebola has not reached Trinidad and that the patient was exhibiting Flu-like symptoms. She stated that the patient is being kept in isolation as a pre-cautionary measure but doctors believe the flu-like symptoms may be Malaria or Dengue.

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