Alkaline is scheduled to perform in Antigua today and once again, he is being met with resistance from a member of the clergy.

Bishop Charlesworth Browne, the head of Christian Ministries Church is calling on authorities to ban the artiste from performing saying that it “will bring decadence and death” to the nation.

Browne went on to say that he is prepared to call for a boycott of the nation’s Independence celebrations over the upcoming performance. Antigua and Barbuda celebrates independence on November 1.

“I am calling upon the rest of the Christian community to steer clear of the rest of the independence celebrations,” Bishop Browne was quoted as saying.

“If they’re going to be as corrupt and perverse as this, then I say to the Christian community, withdraw from them completely,” he continued.

“As a leader in the Christian community, I stand opposed to any performance by this character here in Antigua & Barbuda. I believe his performances … are geared to corrupt young people, particularly young women,” ” said Bishop Browne.

Alkaline is scheduled to perform at Black Rave slated for Millers by the Sea in St John’s.