Bruce Jenner has been taunted at his country club in Thousand Oaks everyday by a few jerks who think Bruce’s new look doesn’t belong on the links or in the locker room.

Sources told TMZ that almost everyone who golfs with Bruce at his country club has been gracious but several people are acting like 14-year-old boys.

In one case … a golfer passed Bruce on the green and screamed out, “How’s your d**k” … suggesting it might not be there much longer. Bruce took the taunt in good grace, laughing and responding by pointing to his crotch and saying, “It’s right here. It hasn’t worked in 20 years.”

He was also mocked in the locker room where another guy mocked his ombre hairstyle and threatened to cut it off.

Bruce, however, still goes to the club religiously, and most people treat him warmly and with respect.