Miley Cyrus has put down twerking and has picked up a new dance called the “#NaeNae”. A few weeks ago, she appeared on an Australian talk show called Sunrise and attempted to teach the hosts how to do “#NaeNae,” but the creaters of the dance, We Are Toonz, are not impressed.

We Are Toonz released a song and video called Drop That #NaeNae with the #NaeNae as the accompanying dance but the dance really exploded after Washington Wizards guard, John Wall, broke into the dance after his contest-winning dunk on February 15 during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. Videos, Vines and GIFs of the dunk and Wall’s ensuing celebratory moves caused a 311% spike in mentions of the #NaeNae hashtag that day, according to Twitter. The song became No. 38 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and No. 20 on Hot Rap Songs on the Billboard charts.
Watch Drop That #NaeNae here

We Are Toonz, however, wants the #NaeNae to be done right by anyone promoting it and have sent a video to TMZ calling out Miley Cyrus, making fun of her #NaeNae and telling her to get at them if she wants to learn to do the dance the way it should be done.