Lindsay Lohan, her brother Michael Lohan Jr. and a friend are being sued by a developer who claims they stole his website idea to create their own ‘virtual closet’ app.
According to the lawsuit filed Thursday and obtained by TMZ, Fima Potik claims the siblings agreed to work with him on Spotted Friend, a mobile app that allows users to see what clothes their favourite celebrities are wearing and purchase the same items.
Potik is accusing the pair of using the idea to launch a similar app after their talks fell through, and is suing them for $60 million for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and loyalty, and unfair competition.

According to the New York Daily News, Potik claims in the lawsuit that he first met Lindsay and her brother through Michael’s roommate Christopher Roth.
Potik claims he sold them on the idea of Spotted Friend, and the trio agreed to become founding partners in exchange for ownership shares.
Apparently the trio shopped the idea around with investors, but Potik claims he discovered earlier this year that they’d been meeting with investors behind his back.

Potik says he received a text message from Michael saying they wanted larger ownership, but when Potik refused, they told him they were divesting themselves from the company.
He claims the trio then used his idea to create their own fashion app called Vigma, using Potik’s investors, including Arianna Huffington.
In the lawsuit, Potik calls Vigma a ‘clone’ of his app and he is seeking a court order to shut it down.
But the Lohans’ lawyer Ravi Batra denies claims that his clients stole the idea, and told the New York Daily News that Potik is looking to ‘mix his oranges with Vigme’s apples.’
‘I look forward to holding Fima’s feet to the legal fire and hope he is wearing fireproof clothing all the way to the appeals court,’ Batra said.