From the looks a photo making its way around the Web, Beyonce is preparing to drop jaws yet again. A supposed “release confirmation” memo states that Queen Bey will be closing out 2014 by dropping a second volume to her self-titled visual LP:
bey secret album

The memo features a track listing that includes 10 new songs, 11 new videos and a 4-disc copy that will include the first portion of the self-titled album along with DVDs of her Mrs. Carter World Tour and On The Run Tour. The rumored Beyonce Vol. 2 track list also features three other notable new tracks: “DONK” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Renouncement” featuring Justin Timberlake and “Cherry” featuring Rihanna (the “Blow” remix that has reportedly been brewing?).

If this rollout is legit, Beyonce will release a digital iTunes-only edition of Beyonce Vol. 2 on Nov. 14, with the 4-disc physical copy dropping on Nov. 25.

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