We were all caught off guard when news hit that Suge Knight and Katt Williams were thrown in jail for stealing a female photographer’s camera. Things got even more weird when Katt said the whole incident occurred because the photographer was being inappropriate with a child. Thanks to TMZ, a video has been posted that makes sense of this whole situation.

In the minute clip, Suge is seen approaching a male photographer and then spitting expletives at a female photographer because she was allegedly snapping pictures of his five-year-old son. The female pap, whose name is unknown, claims she was not taking pictures of Suge’s child, but he wasn’t hearing it. The former Death Row CEO, who stands 6’4″ and weighs around 300 lbs, continued to approach the woman saying “I got a bitch to come beat your motherbleeping ass!”

The alleged theft of her camera was not shown in this clip and there was no appearance from Katt Williams.

Watch the clip on hot97svg.com.